Caroline de St Quentin

Hi, I'm a developer who loves clean & elegant code.

A little bit about me.

I live in Streatham in South West London, UK, and I have 3 growing girls, a cat, a dog and a husband! I’ve always been passionate about technology and have been working for a number of years in IT support in publishing and education. I have recently been learning about social media and this had led to a shift towards website development.

I am now learning front end development and I am really excited to start creating beautiful websites. I’ve realised I found something that gives me the freedom and versatility I was looking for in my work. My experience in IT support has proven very helpful in getting to grips with this new field and I can use my organisational skills and eye for detail to write clean, elegant code.

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Hand-Coded HTML

My focus is on writing clean, well-formatted, semantic HTML5 by hand to make sure the content is easy to read, collaborate, and trouble-shoot, and accessible.

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Well-Organized CSS

I pride myself on writing CSS that is easy to read and build on. I focus on keeping my CSS lean and fast to load, and I make it a habit to stay up to date on current best practices.

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Ease Converting Designs into Code

You can trust me to take a designer's PSD and quickly & accurately convert it into a webpage that is a pixel-perfect match.